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Cris Sheridan welcomes Chris Martenson PhD, co-founder of Chris gives his views on peak oil, and frames the discussion in terms of the.Instead, a deflationary spiral encourages people to spend as little money as possible, hence reducing economic activity, with government unable to intervene as it normally does during recessions by increasing government spending.

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Cris Sheridan welcomes Chris Martenson PhD, co-founder of Chris gives his views on peak oil, and frames the discussion in terms of the relationship of oil reserves and price.It makes perfect sense to me that the same people who want a monetary system devoid of irresponsible cash printing would love the idea of Bitcoin.Pittcon is the leading conference and exposition for laboratory science featuring new technology and scientific research.Everything in the entire blockchain is encrypted using the strongest algorithms known to mankind, so nothing crazy about it.If the US was attacked, sure, the money would be disrupted, even plenty of wallets might be lost, but overall the system would survive even if for instance just one qt client remained active with the blockchain synced deep under a base in Antarctica, during the whole chain of catastrophic events.

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Features investor, news, and customer centres, a section on sustainable development, and information.They would lose money and destroy faith in Bitcoin, rendering their attack completely useless.

The concept of the zero interest economy is fascinating, as it is something that Keynes himself endorsed but many economists today throw out as bunkum.

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Would you make a loan to me (in bitcoin) at zero or negative interest.Although a society as a whole may have an interest in having its currency be the victim of inflation, an individual has no interest in seeing his savings disappear as a result of said inflation.People often lament that they only have one upvote to give - I mean it literally in this case.You can pour the beer fast and it will foam, and you will lose some.

Now that the world has been exposed to the Bitcoin idea, Bitcoin is going to develop, as there is simply a market for it.Bitcoin is not subject to government inflation or regulation.If I offer a service to someone and they pay with a credit card, they can call their bank and get a chargeback.

In the near future, if Bitcoin starts to become a little more popular, I can see computers becoming more secure, in general.Sort of like telling your insurance company all about how you plan to burn your house down and get them to pay you for it.

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If you think about it, its what creates such abundance in nature and the physical world - the seasons and the movements of animals etc, the gradients of energy permit opportunities for diversity and expansion.In regards to a collapse scenario, remember that the internet was built to withstand such an event occurring, so even if many servers were destroyed, the full ledger of the blockchain in its entirety is still available for anyone to download and is synced to every user of the bitcoin-qt client (the wallet freely available for public download on github).

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Instead, you wish to spend as little of your wealth as possible.

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So you do think that bitcoins are a better store of value over the long term.Add this to the fact that a definite limit has been written into the code itself on how many BTC will actually exist ever (21,000,000), and now you can understand why its a concept people are waking up to.The surge in oil production from American shale oil producers and the Organization of Petroleum-Exporting.

A BILL to be entitled an Act to amend Chapter 34 of Title 43 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, relating to physicians, acupuncture, physician assistants.Altruism is natural for humans as in pre-historical societies it was pointless to keep resources that perished when giving them away to neighbours and kinship groups created strengthened social bonds (athough meat is much more perishable than grain).

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Economic News, Markets Commentary, Gold, Oil and Investing Strategies.If you think that is sustainable, you may not be the brightest crayon in the box.Then, assuming the hypothesis is correct, Bitcoin grows to become a major currency.

This lead to economic growth, compared to the relative stability of the medieval era.It was purely my shallow amusement over the superficial language surrounding these things.Handling cash or physical gold is much less secure by comparison.

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Governments have begun to get quite grabby with peoples gold in recent years, much like they did back in the day.

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